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The Institute for Management of Education was established on the basis of the School of Education and Training Managers according to Decision No: 501 / QD-TTg dated 03/4/2006 of the Prime Minister; The Institute for Educational Management is a higher education institution under the Ministry of Education and Training.

English Name: National Academy of Education Management (NAEM)

Head office: 31 Phan Dinh Giot, Phuong Xuan, Thanh Xuan Dist. Hanoi.

 Phone Number: (84) -04-38643352

 Fax: (84) -04-38641802



The educational management institute has the function of training human resources for educational management; research and development of educational management science; To apply the scientific management of education, advise and advise the national management agencies to meet the requirements of the national education and training development strategy.


a / Training and fostering

The Institute of Education is a higher education institution under the Ministry of Education and Training; University education: education management, economics education, information technology, psychology, education; Master training: Educational management; Information Technology, Clinical Psychology; Doctorate training: Educational management.

To train and foster capacity building programs and job titles for teachers and education administrators: To foster education administrators at all levels; Professional pedagogical training for university and college lecturers, professional collaborators in inspection, state management (specialist program, specialist ...), short-term training programs on other request.

b) Research and application of educational management science:

- To study theoretical and practical basis in science education management;

- Study the issues of strategic orientation, planning, plans and policies for educational development and educational management reform.

- Advising, consulting, applying the science of management education for the management agencies and the education and training establishments.

- Evaluating the scientific management of education for research projects and related projects.

c) Support and professional links with units in the network of training institutions

- Develop and develop curriculum, syllabus, contents and methods of training and fostering of CBs

- To organize the linkage and coordination among schools and education and training management cadres in order to ensure the interlinking in the training and fostering of managers of the branch.

- Providing information on education management science, guidelines, policies and policies of the Party and the State on education management, exchange of experiences on educational management.

d / International cooperation

To cooperate with foreign agencies, organizations and individuals and overseas Vietnamese in training, fostering, research and application in the domain of educational management.

e) To perform other tasks as prescribed by the University Charter, the provisions of law and the tasks assigned by competent agencies.

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