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National Academy of Education Management assigned the task of training core education managers for the whole sector prior to implementing the new general education program.
Recently, at the conference to prepare for the training of core teachers and general education managers organized by ETEP, Ministry of Education and Training, National Academy of Education Management Education is officially assigned to be the focal point for training and capacity building for all managers of general education institutions across the country, meeting the current need of education renovation.

Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Huu Do speaking at the Conference

ETEP (Enhancing Teacher Education Program) is a program implemented by the Ministry of Education and Training under the support of the World Bank (WB) with the goal of developing training and retraining capacities for 08 key pedagogical universities and NAEM, thereby strengthening the quality of teachers and managers of general education institutions (teachers & education managers of the General Education Program), through career development according to practical needs, meeting the needs for fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education.

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Huu Hoan, Vice President of NAEM reported at the Conference

The immediate task of the universities and institutes of the ETEP Program is to support training and retraining (developing staff and human resources for general education institutions across the country), ensuring those necessary conditions for the implementation of the new general education program by 2020, because the key factor to the success of education reform are teachers and administrators.

Aware of this extremely important responsibility, National Academy of Education Management has been constantly building and perfecting the content of the training program as well as developing the staff, information technology system and other necessary equipment to meet the needs of training and development for the whole team of key education managers at general education institutions across 63 provinces and cities nationwide in the coming time.

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