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Thứ tư, 19/09/2018 - 8:24

National Academy of Education Management welcomes and works with a delegation from Singapore National Institute of Education and Temasek Foundation, Singapore
Following the spirit of the meeting between Professor Phung Xuan Nha and Mr. Benedict Cheong, Managing President of the Temasek Fund in late March 2016, in the morning of 05/01/2017, National Academy of Education Management welcomed the delegation from Educational Institution and Temasek Fund, Singapore to visit and propose the cooperation program in the coming time.

Overview of the meeting and working with the Singapore delegation at National Academy of Education Management

At the meeting, Mr. Goh Chor Boon, Deputy President of the Institute of Education and Mr. Stanley, representative of the International Cooperation Department, Temasek Foundation, Singapore proposed a plan of cooperation with the Institute of Education Management within the framework. The program of fostering secondary schools in Vietnam in the form of linking Vietnam - Singapore phase 2, in which the main objective of the program is to build the learners an innovative thinking, Be ready to bring reform methods into school management.

Goh Chor Boon, Deputy President of the Singapore National Institute of Education, presented the cooperation plan

Speaking at the meeting, Prof. Dr. Pham Quang Trung, President of National Academy of Education Management fully agreed with the opinions on the role of education reform in the country's development. Representatives from Singapore Institute of Education. President Pham Quang Trung emphasized that innovation must be the task of the whole society, each of us need faith, determination and determination with the goal of transformation, the fundamental and comprehensive reform of education. can be successfully implemented. According to President Pham Quang Trung, now a small part of society still keep a cautious mind, dare not accept the reform. This thinking needs to be changed early because in modern society "if you do not change, you will be left behind." 

Prof. Dr. Pham Quang Trung, President of the National Academy of Education Management spoke at the meeting

The two sides discussed the cooperation program

The collaborative program is expected to focus on shaping the future and vision in the school leadership team in Vietnam. At the end of the course, program participants will properly apply knowledge to management and school transition to meet the needs of the economy.

Representatives took a photo at National Academy of Education Management


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